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LEGOLAND California
LEGOLAND California

LEGOLAND California and SEA LIFE Aquarium

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LEGOLAND California and SEA LIFE Aquarium are San Diego theme parks that are tons of fun!

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Lego enthusiasts love this amusement park and flock to it every year. There are rides for all ages and it is a great day of adventure for young children and the young-at-heart. LEGOLAND California differs quite a bit from Disneyland. It is much smaller and easier to navigate. Because it is geared towards a younger age group, you'll find that it is a quieter and a more relaxing experience.

When LEGOLAND California first opened, it mostly catered to very young kids. Due to a less than anticipated attendance, LEGOLAND California added more attractions to lure more types of visitors. The addition of The Land of Adventure brought water rides and roller coasters. These days, LEGOLAND California appeals to more people and is better for families of all ages.

The creativity of LEGOLAND California is awesome to see. You won't want to miss these masterful miniature creations brought to you by the LEGOS wizards: Miniland Indy Speedway, NASA, Mt. Rushmore, and the New York City skyline. Don't miss the Coast Cruise to soak in all the magic of LEGOLAND California from the water's perspective looking out.

This summer, LEGOLAND California will be opening a fifth attraction to their very popular Land of Adventure called Dune Raiders, an Egyptian bazaar-themed 30-foot-high six-lane slide opening this summer just in time for 4th of July. In true LEGOLAND California tradition, this new ride also includes a 16-foot tall Pharaoh made of more than 300,000 LEGO bricks!

SEALIFE Aquarium
SEALIFE Aquarium

SEA LIFE Aquarium brings another dimension to LEGOLAND. This special aquarium is more than a standard aquarium incorporates LEGO models into the experience. Make no mistake, like LEGOLAND California, this attraction is designed for young people ages 2-12.

Think of this new theme park as an aquarium that is specifically designed for young minds. For example, the SEA LIFE Aquarium presents the wonders of the creatures that live under the world's water bodies. This aquarium includes real fish tanks (including a large collection of sharks), interactive play zones, fun facts and quiz trails.

In May 2010, LEGOLAND opened a 5.5 acre water park geared for the little kids. It has just what the kids want and at a size they can manage. It'll set you back an additional $10.00 per person but the smile on their lil' faces: priceless.

Insider Tips for LEGOLAND California

Ride Restrictions - Please remember that most rides at LEGOLAND California are height-restricted. The minimum height is 34 inches so if your wee one is shorter than the minimum height limit you might want to hold off on bringing him or her until they are tall enough to ride.

Will We Get Wet? - You might. To be on the safe side, bring a bathing suit or a change of clothing as there is an area where the kids can get a little wet by running through a fountain. There are large dryers for them to stand in front of and dry off, but like hand dryers in public restrooms, they never quite get all the moisture off.

What Should You Avoid? - Avoid the lines for rides. Eat lunch early or later around 1pm. Let's face it, High Noon is when all the people, and we do mean ALL the people, eat. If that is not your sort of thing, steer clear. Take snacks and save money for a good meal or good ice cream cones. Who doesn't like to eat ice cream for lunch? Go on the rides when everyone is eating between 12-1pm.

Let's Talk Food - Everyone always wants to know about the food. There are some good choices at LEGOLAND California. Try the Knight's Table BBQ, it is pretty tasty for an amusement park. If healthy fare is more your thing, go for the salad at the Garden Restaurant. There is healthy food available for the kids, including organic baby yogurt and soy products.

Papparazzi - Throughout the park there are employees who roam around with cameras and will take your photograph. Sometimes they ask and sometimes they don't. Be aware of these camera-toting employees. If you don't want to the photos, just say 'no'. There are plenty of great photo opportunities for the novice and the hobbyist, alike. So, pack the camera, you'll want it.

What You Should Know

Disabled Access - Most attractions at LEGOLAND California are accessible to disabled guests. Please stop by Guest Services and pick up a special brochure that outlines the facilities and general access in greater detail. For information, please call (760) 918-LEGO. All displays at the SEA LIFE Aquarium are viewable by disabled guests. There are two elevators for additional access.

Wheelchair Rentals - Wheelchairs and motorized carts are available for rental at The Marketplace in The Beginning. Wheelchair: $10+ $2 deposit/electric wheelchair: $35 + deposit and drivers license/electric convenience vehicles $35 + $2 deposit and drivers license.

Stroller Rentals - Strollers can be rented on a first-come, first-served basis at The Marketplace, in The Beginning. Single strollers: $9 + $2 deposit/double strollers: $14 + $2 deposit/infant strollers: $9 + $2 deposit. If you don't want to rent a stroller, you are welcome to bring your own stroller or wagon.

Pet Kennels - Although pets are not allowed in either LEGOLAND California or SEA LIFE Aquarium, outdoor shaded kennels are available for free on a first-come, first-serve basis and are located close to the Park entrance. Park guests should bring their own pet supplies, i.e. water/food dish, etc. If you would like to take advantage of this service, please stop by Guest Services upon arriving at the Park to sign up for the kennel and to receive your key. Please note that there is no supervision available at the kennel area. Note: A small refundable deposit is required.

Locker Rentals - Lockers (approx. 16" deep x 12" wide x 13" tall) are available for rent at The Marketplace, in The Beginning. Rates are $5 + $10 deposit. One time use lockers are also available at Pirate Shores for $2 per use.

Admission Prices

If you live in San Diego or your children are LEGO fanatics, consider buying an annual pass after you have already purchased a day admission. Just go to the membership booth and you will receive a credit for the day pass toward a yearly membership. When you visit LEGOLAND California, bring your AAA card. You will receive a substantial discount at the ticket booth.

Parking - $12* Cars/$15 Campers/RV's/$5 Motorcycles/$20 Preferred Parking. Re-entry available with valid parking stub during same day of visit.

Smoking Policy - SEA LIFE Aquarium and LEGOLAND California are smoke-free. Guests wishing to smoke may exit the theme park and light up in the designated smoking section.

Promotions -LEGOLAND California often runs promotions providing additional savings if you spend a certain amount at a gift shop and have an AAA card. These promotions are not always in effect, but it doesn't hurt to ask for them.

*Prices/times are subject to change.

Map & Directions

LEGOLAND California and SEA LIFE Aquarium are located at One LEGOLAND Drive, Carlsbad, CA 92008.

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