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Odd San Diego
Odd San Diego

Odd San Diego? Unusual San Diego? Weird San Diego? If you're looking for the other side of San Diego or hidden San Diego, you'll find it right here! San Diego is a big place so there are many stories in this naked city.

You can find unusual things in San Diego or they may find you. The beach areas have a display of the weird and whacky. Some of the rural parts show off their twist on weird and unique San Diego. And sometimes, you have to look a little closer, but you'll certainly find odd San Diego.

Saint Malo Oceanside California
Oceanside is a beachfront community known for surfing, beaches, and the presence of the U.S. Marines. Oceanside also has a secret place worth having a look. . . . read more
Urban Cemeteries in San Diego
Some of San Diego's most prominent individuals and families are buried in cemeteries within a 1-mile radius of each other. . . . read more
Scripps Institute of Oceanography Floating Instrument Platform
Scripps Institute of Oceanography, San Diego's own, is one of the most respected, oldest and largest marine research institutions in the world. Scripps' prized research platform is one-of-kind . . . read more
Off the Beaten Path Cemeteries in San Diego
You don't have to have one foot in the grave to check out a cemetery in San Diego. Just don't sign any papers that would have you check in. If you're looking for peace and quiet, a cemetery is a good place go. . . . read more
San Diego Hospice and Cancer Survivors Park
Special places are special for a reason. These two places provide a peaceful setting for a short stroll, reflection, and some pretty great views of . . . read more
The San Diego Chicken and Other Fowl San Diego Stories
San Diego is known for some chickens. The San Diego Chicken was the most famous. He was seen at San Diego Padres games and later seen all around the world . . . read more
Egyptian Architecture in San Diego
Sometimes, you have to walk like an Egyptian to see the Egyptian architecture yet to be discovered in San Diego. We discovered that San Diego was part of the King Tut craze. . . . read more
Mysteries of the Balboa Park Lily Pond
Balboa Park's Lily Pond is many thing to many people. Situated in the middle of Balboa Park, you'd never guess what . . . read more
San Diego Salt Works
Standing 40-feet in the air along the southern part of San Diego Bay is the salt of the earth. San Diego's second oldest business . . . read more
San Diego Rosicrucian Headquarters
Odd San Diego. Weird San Diego. Interesting San Diego. Hidden San Diego. This place fits into all the categories including religious . . . read more
Nate Harrison Grade Adventure
Palomar Mountain has the world-famous observatory. Most people take one of two roads up the mountain. Why not take the roads less traveled? . . . read more
Hidden Hummingbird Sanctuary in Balboa Park
Balboa Park is the largest urban cultural park in the United States. Balboa Park has 15 museums, theaters, gardens, recreational activities and more. . . . read more
The Secret Story of the Coronado Cays
People have gone hog wild for Coronado since the 1800's. The Hotel Del Coronado was built in 1888. This pristine, beautiful community, however, has more stories beneath . . . read more
Songs About San Diego
San Francisco isn't the only city in California that has been mentioned in songs... there's a list of songs about San Diego, too. . . . read more
Presidents Who Visited San Diego
Many celebrities have stayed in San Diego, but so have U.S. presidents... . . . read more
Peace Rock Ocean Beach California
Mysterious artwork rises from the Sunset Cliffs . . . read more
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